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Phenotyping training course in the GMC

International scientists improve skills in techniques for mouse phenotyping.

Concentrated working atmosphere


From 9th to 11th of February 2011 a training course for standard techniques in mouse phenotyping took place in the German Mouse Clinic in Munich. It was composed of a theoretical and a practical part. Presented techniques included imaging technologies (optical and optoacoustic imaging technologies, MRT imaging, CT scan), techniques for metabolic phenotyping (e.g. indirect calorimetry) and analyses in immunology and allergy (FACS, ELISA).

The participants came from throughout Europe (Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Portugal, Spain, UK and Germany). Platform leaders attended the course as well as engineers and specialized technicians. The participants appreciated the workshop as helpful to establish a European phenotyping infrastructure and to standardize scientific techniques and phenotyping efforts.

Mouse models play a central role in the functional analysis of human diseases. Prof. Dr. Martin Hrabé de Angelis is coordinating the Infrafrontier project. The goal of Infrafrontier is to establish a European infrastructure for phenotyping and archiving mouse models. For sure, the standardization of phenotyping techniques is very important in this context.

For more information on training courses in the GMC please contact Helmut Fuchs (fuchs at helmholtz-muenchen.de) or Valérie Gailus-Durner (gailus at helmholtz-muenchen.de)