Paternal diet influences cognitive functions in offspring

28.07.2017 | While it is recognized that maternal departures from the optimum of dietary methyl donor intake,...

Male or female? Disease progress depends on the sex

14.07.2017 | The international research consortium IMPC has shown that sex influences the prevalence, course and...

SRF and its role in acute stress response

28.04.2017 | The brain is the central organ that ensures immediate and long-term adaptions to stress. Acute...

Phenotype your mouse model


  1. Systemic, comprehensive phenotyping in 14 different disease areas
  2. Customized primary phenotypic screening in specific areas of interest (e.g. behavior, neurology and neuropathology)


  1. Hypothesis-driven phenotypic analysis using environmental challenges
  2. Combining environmental challenges


  1. Systemic analysis of compounds and drugs

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IMPC - Intl Mouse Phenotyping Consortium

How primary mouse phenotyping leads to novel insights for human health

Mouse phenotyping helps to better understand human diseases. Read more how systemic primary screening of mouse mutants uncovers unexpected new gene functions.

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