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Dear Collaboration Partner,

Please use the following form to provide general information on your mutant mouse line you would like to send for phenotyping analysis by the German Mouse Clinic. This information is used to evaluate your submitted request and to summarize all important information about the mutant mouse line for a most effective phenotypic analysis. Therefore, it is important that you give us as much information as possible.

You will be asked for details like: your contact data; information on the genetic modification of your mutant mouse line if applicable (e.g. affected gene, MGI ID of the gene, type of mutation, ES-cell line used, genetic background (e.g. number of backcross generations), safety level, description of DNA modification, vector, remaining non-recipient DNA, donor organism); mutant phenotype; special housing or care requirements; scientific interest; current sanitary status; intellectual property rights (who generated the mouse line, owner of the mouse line).
Click once the "Submit" button at the end of this form to submit your information to the German Mouse Clinic.

Please plan at least 30 minutes for filling out the form.

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Please answer all questions and use "unknown", "not applicable", or "none" as necessary and do not enter information for more than one mutant mouse line in each form.


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