Neurology & Behaviour

B - Pipeline "Emotionality"

C - Pipeline "Memory impairment"

D - Pipeline "Motor disorders"

E - Pipeline "Sensory disorders"

F - Pipeline "General neuro-behavioural assessment"

Metabolism / Diabetes

Pipelines G - J will be complemented by the collection of basal values and organ function at the start and a final blood sampling at the end of the pipeline. If beneficial to the project additional imaging methods can be performed.

G - Pipeline "Glucose metabolism"

H - Pipeline "Kidney function"

I - Pipeline "Energy metabolism"

Immunology, allergy & lung disease

K - Pipeline "Immune function"

L - Pipeline "Allergy"

M - Pipeline "Lung function"

Lung function test options: Volumetric and mechanical parameters, Acute lung injury test, Elastase-induced lung emphysema, Cigarette smoke-induced lung inflammation & emphysema or Bleomycin-induced lung fibrosis. Please ask for availability.