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Neurology & Behaviour

B - Pipeline "Emotionality"

C - Pipeline "Memory impairment"

D - Pipeline "Motor disorders"

E - Pipeline "Sensory disorders"

N - Pipeline "General neuro-behavioural assessment"

Physiology, energy metabolism & diabetes

F- Pipeline "Kidney function"

G - Pipeline "Glucose metabolism"

H - Pipeline "Energy metabolism"

(1) Online monitoring of physiological functions using implanted transponders, for example core and peripheral body temperature, locomotor activity.

I - Pipeline "Non-invasive imaging techniques"

Immunology, allergy & lung disease

J - Pipeline "Immune function"

(1) Flow cytometric analysis of peripheral blood and lymphiod organs; Immunoglobulin isotyping and autoantibody detection
(2) Primary resistance to Listeria monocytogenes infection
(3) Antigen-specific T-cell response
(4) Protective capacity of memory T-cells against high-dose challenge with Listeria monocytogenes

K - Pipeline "Allergy"

L - Pipeline "Lung function"

(1) Each of the Lung function pipelines requires one cohort of mice. The decision on which of the pipelines is most suitable for your hypothesis will be taken in close discussion with the PI.


M - Pipeline "Progressive changes"