Vevo® 2100 system (Visual Sonics)

  • High frequency ultrasound biomicroscopy: This innovative high resolution imaging enables in vivo assessment of structural and functional cardiovascular abnormalities within different imaging modes.
  • B-mode: provides a 2-dimensional picture of the anatomical structures such as ventricle size and wall thickness.
  • M-mode: displays the motion of tissue structures as a function of time supplying information about contraction and pump capacity.
  • Doppler modes: examine the blood flow velocity and direction for hemodynamic investigations or valve functional test, blood flow quantification, anatomical structure identification.


ECGenieTM System (Mouse Specifics, Inc.)

Method and apparatus for non-invasively recording electrodiagrams (ECG) in conscious animals, supplying information about the conductive and myocardial properties.

Additional examinations are possible in cooperation with the members of the Cardio Vascular Disease Network.