The GMC in the IMPC

The GMC is one of 17 worldwide partners in generating and phenotyping mutant mouse lines with in the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC). The goal of the IMPC is to determine the function of every gene in the mouse genome in order to recognize and establish new models for human diseases. The IMPC want to build up a world-wide consortium of mouse centers with capacity and expertise for large-scale primary phenotyping on the one hand, and a world-wide consortium of mouse production centers to generate germ line transmission of targeted knockout mutations in embryonic stem cells for all known and predicted mouse genes on the other hand.

The IMPC aims to test each mutant mouse line (4,000 mouse lines in the first 5 years, and ultimately up to 20,000) through a broad based primary phenotyping pipeline in all the major adult organ systems and most areas of major human disease. The obtained data will help to ascribe biological function to each gene, driving new ideas and hypothesis driven research.