Beckman-Coulter AU 480

The clinical chemistry analyser AU 480 has a thoroughput of up to 800 tests per hour and an on board capacity of 63 different analytes in parallel. The reagents are barcoded, liquid stable and ready to use. With a sample volume as low as 1µl and reaction volumes down to 90µl the system guarantees cost efficiency even in cases of limited sample material.

Sysmex XT2000iV Hematology analyzer

The Sysmex XT2000iV veterinary hematology analyzer provides a reliable, customizable solution for multi-secies analysis. Besides standard impedance technology the analyzer utilizes a patented fluorescent flow cytometry principle for cell differentiation and counting, providing a reliable automated  differential white blood cell count and reticulocyte additionally to the complete blood count.

Differential Blood Cell Count and Reticulocyte Count

Automated differentiation of lymphocytes, neutrophile granulocytes, eosinophilic and basophilic granulocytes, and monocytes, counted as total numbers and percent of total white blood cell count as well as total and percentual reticulocyte counts are obtained using the Sysmex XT2000iV system.  Additionally microscopic evaluation of stained blood smears can be used for observations concerning platelet or erythrocyte morphology and stainability, as well as identification and differentiation of abnormal cells.

Analysis of kidney function using metabolic cages

To evaluate renal function, we collect 24- or 48-hour urine samples of individual mice using metabolic cages for single mice (Tecniplast) that allow for efficient separation of urine and feces. Water uptake and urinary volume, pH and osmolality can be determined. Measurement clinical chemistry parameters in urine samples in combination with plasma values enable us to calculate 24-hour and fractional excretion of major urinary components.

Meso QuickPlex SQ120

The Meso QuickPlex SQ120 (Meso Scale Discovery) enables the measurement of many parameters by singleplex or multiplex electrochemiluminescence-based Immunoassays.